Symptoms of Anorexia

Symptoms of Anorexia: Do you suffer from anorexia? So follow these home tips

Symptoms of Anorexia: Do you suffer from anorexia? So follow these home tips

Anorexia Treatment: Anorexia is a disorder characterized by loss of appetite or loss of taste. What happens when a person does not understand? So let’s know some home remedies that can help you to get rid of this problem. 

Sometimes you don’t feel like eating something, you want it. But repeated lack of desire to eat can lead to this disease, which is called anorexia. In this, the person feels less hungry and begins to experience a lack of taste in food. Brain changes have been observed in people with anorexia nervosa. Also, it was concluded that these people are not interested in eating much. Anorexia can be caused by many reasons such as loss of appetite, stomach problems, indigestion, clumsy living, snacking between meals, stress or any chronic illness. Let’s find out what can be the antidote to this disease.

Benefits of Ginger 

Ginger is considered a healthy herb in Ayurveda. Ginger has many benefits. A piece of ginger mixed with a pinch of lemon juice and rock salt after meals improves digestion. It is always recommended to eat it raw.

Benefits of Trikatu Churna 

Trikatu Churna is prepared by mixing three Ayurvedic herbs. This powder is made by adding pipli, black pepper and dry ginger. Which proves to be very beneficial for health. Those who have gas problem since old days. Those who can consume this powder without worry. It is considered a panacea for gastric support. It can be taken with honey or hot water.

black cardamom

Consuming large amounts of cardamom improves asthma, shortness of breath, strengthens the lungs and eliminates halitosis. Including large amounts of cardamom in the diet may be beneficial in the treatment of anorexia. It has a unique and sharp taste. Which works to add charm to the food item. You can also improve health problems with it. 

Tamarind and salt

Anorexia is a mental disorder. which shows physical signs of disease occurrence. Sometimes you don’t taste the food. Appetite decreases. Weight gain or loss stops. In this situation, you are advised to lick a spoonful of tamarind powder and salt. This can end your problem of loss of taste.

Symptoms of Anorexia  Symptoms of Anorexia Symptoms of Anorexia