Lung Detoxification Tips

Lung Detoxification Tips: Rejuvenate the lungs with breathing exercises, how to detoxify

Lung Detoxification Tips: Bad air outside can damage your lungs. Therefore, you can practice some natural methods to detox the lungs.  

Lung Detoxification Tips: Keeping yourself safe in today’s polluted environment has become a big challenge. For minor problems related to the body, we always find some way. But when a serious problem occurs in any part of the body, we get upset. At the same time, over the last two to three years, the lungs are being affected faster and faster due to the effects of Covid and various reasons. Certain exercises are very effective in keeping the lungs clean and healthy in such situations. Apart from this it will also detox the lungs. Learn about them here. 

Detox Lungs Naturally –Lung Detoxification Tips

1. To detox the lungs, you should always include vitamin-C rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Vitamin C is considered a good source of detoxification. Therefore, regular intake of vitamin C is considered to be very good for the lungs. 

2. Our lungs start to deteriorate due to polluted air. To keep them healthy, according to Ayurveda, apply one drop of pure desi cow ghee in the nostril every morning and evening. This keeps the breathing tubes open and bad air cannot reach the lungs. 

3. To detox the lungs, sit in any comfortable meditation posture. Keep the spine straight and close the eyes. Then take slow and long breaths for three seconds. Next, hold the breath for 6 seconds and then exhale slowly within 12 seconds of any jerk. Repeat this exercise three times. 

4. There is a pranayama where we practice humming in the illusion of the mind. This pranayama is beneficial for asthma patients. For this sit in any comfortable meditative posture keeping the spine straight. Then begin to inhale fully and exhale slowly, echoing through the nostrils. Do this exercise 10 times. 

5. You can detox your lungs in other natural ways. For this, lie on your back. Pull knees up and feet toward chest. Then place one hand on the abdomen and inhale for 3 seconds while moving the abdomen upwards. Now exhale for 3 seconds while lowering the stomach. Practice this at least 10 times.