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ios 14: iPhone 14 What are the three special features of Apple’s new phone?

ios 14: iPhone 14 What are the three special features of Apple’s new phone?  Apple has shown the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro equipped with features like emergency satellite connectivity and car crash detection technology.

The company formally launched four versions of this new handset at its headquarters in Cupertino, USA.

It happened for the first time after the Corona epidemic that so many people attended the launch at an event of Apple.

Apart from the new series of iPhones, Apple introduced another new thing in front of the world – Sports Wearable Watch Ultra.

In this launching event, people’s attention was especially on the next generation iPhones, Watches and AirPods products.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook was on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s California campus but his presentation was pre-recorded.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told the BBC it was a pleasure to be present at the launch event
Apple CEO Tim Cook told the BBC it was a pleasure to be present at the launch event ios 14 

iphone 14

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Apple is bringing the iPhone 14 in two sizes. The first model is named iPhone 14 and the second one is named iPhone 14 Plus.

The new model will be able to make emergency calls with the help of satellite. This phone will be able to track the location of satellites passing in the sky above the head.

It may take 15 seconds to a few minutes for this device to send a simple message.

“The investment in developing satellite capability should not be overlooked,” said Ben Wood, the company’s chief analyst.

“Apple has taken years to solve this puzzle. A business deal has been signed with satellite provider Globalstar. The infrastructure needed to send messages to emergency services has been created.”

Tech analyst Paolo Pescatore believes this new feature is good news for consumers living in difficult areas.

“It is good to see service providers getting serious about the use of satellites. There is a huge demand among consumers for reliable and robust connectivity.”

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iphone 14 camera

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Along with this, Apple has introduced a new camera of 12 megapixels. The company says that this camera is capable of taking a picture of anything moving rapidly.

The company also claims that this camera is 49% better than before in terms of capturing pictures in low-light environments.

For the first time, autofocus feature has been included in the front camera to further enhance the experience of iPhone users taking selfies.

Apple reported that iPhone users have taken more than three trillion photos in the past 12 months.

The iPhone 14 is priced at $799 in the US.

iphone 14 camera

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iphone 14 pro

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The biggest change in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is its screen. Now it feels like a capsule.

Apple users often criticized the Black Notch feature. The company has instead launched the Dynamic Island feature.

It will be able to change its layout according to the notification. The second major change has been made that this handset can now be kept on always.

When the phone is not in use, its screen will dim and its refresh rate has also been reduced.

Apart from deep purple color, this handset will be available in Black, Silver and Gold color options.

The price of iPhone 14 Pro in the US has been kept at $ 999, which will be close to Rs 80,000 in Indian currency.

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airpods pro

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Finding AirPods Pro is easier than its earlier versions. A new system has been placed in each pair, with the help of which one of the AirPods can be searched.

If it is left outside the case, it will keep making a slight noise.

Apart from this, the speaker has also been installed in the case, which will create a loud sound when searched on the Find My app.

The price of the new AirPods Pro has been kept at $249 in the US, which will be close to Rs 20,000 in Indian currency.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

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Many new features have been introduced in Apple Watch Series 8. It has been equipped with features like car crash detection, temperature sensor that tracks menstruation and consumes less energy. Some people have expressed apprehensions about the menstrual monitoring feature since the change in the law related to abortion in the US.

There is concern that the administration may use this data. However, Apple says that the data available on its device will be encrypted and can only be accessed with a passcode or biometric.

“We are taking our commitment to women’s health even further,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

Apple has said that women who are trying to conceive may be helped by automatic notifications related to their last period. If this feature is activated, then this watch will record the body temperature every five seconds throughout the night and it will detect any changes indicating menstruation.

Another new feature has been brought in this and that is Car Crash Detection Technology. Using sensors, this watch can detect serious accidents and connect the wearer to emergency services. This watch will also give information about the location of the wearer and his emergency contacts.

Apart from this, there is another new feature in it and that is low energy consumption technology so that its battery can last longer. This feature in Apple Watch has been taken from the iPhone. After this, the Watch Series 8 will be able to give a battery backup of 36 hours after full charge. Apple Watch Series 8 will cost $ 399 in the US, which will be close to 32 thousand rupees in Indian rupees.

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apple watch ultra

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Swim proof, dust proof and crack resistance… Apple has given a message to its rivals by announcing some such new features in this new sports wearable watch Ultra.

Garmin, Polar and many other companies have been making watches equipped with such features.

Marathon runner Scott Jurek appeared in a presentation of this new watch. The dial of this watch has been kept large for use in extreme sports.

Ultra watch will give 36 hours of backup in a single charge. It also features an extended battery life of 60 hours.

However, Apple has promised to provide battery backup to Watch users according to their need for swimming, cycling and running.

The price of Apple Watch Ultra in the US has been kept at $ 799, which will be close to Rs 63,705 in Indian currency.