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Google keyword planner tool: How to use Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research.

Google keyword planner tool: How to use Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research. Dear Readers, welcome to our blog post on Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare from Google Keyword Planner tool , are you a blogger, you have your own website or blog, then you must know about keywords.

First of all, we would like to attract the attention of all new bloggers because keyword research is the most important thing while blogging, if you are publishing a blog post or page for your blog or website without keyword research, then you only spend your precious time Going and draining your energy and nothing else.


Main topic of the article.

  • Best Keyword Research Tools.
  • Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research.
  • How to use Google Keyword Planner.
  • How to Use Free Google Keyword Planner.
  • Why is the best Google Keyword Planner tool.

Best Keyword Research Tools.

Friends, a perfect blogger selects a good keyword for his blog using some keyword planner to take his blog to success and to get good traffic, only then publishes his blog’s blog post or page. Is.

Often new bloggers make the mistake  of working on a blog or website without keyword research, which we have told in the above paragraph that it is not possible to get  traffic to your blog without keywords. Because whether it is Google Search Engine or any other search engine, it finds your blog post only by keyword search.

That is why always search good keywords , meta keywords for your blog with a keyword research tool and use them inside the post of your website. To know how to get keywords for free through Google’s Keyword Planner, read the post completely and carefully.

Before knowing how to do keyword research in Google Keyword Planner Free, you can do keyword research in the world of online internet with many keyword tools such as keyword tool , Semrush, Longtail Keywords etc. Many Google Keyword Planner etc. You will get so that you will get the best. By doing keyword research, you can find keywords to get good traffic on your blog.

But all this Keyword Planner gives you their Avg. There will remain a little suspense on the monthly searches and the accurate estimate of the competition of those keywords. That is why there will be a keyword research tool that gives the best and confidence, then it is Google Keyword Planner of google keyword tool.

On this you will get absolutely accurate and true information that how many times this keyword has been searched in the last 12 months and the Avg. How much are the monthly searches and competition and how much is being bid on all those keywords you are searching.

Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare.

Now we come to the subject of the main post of our blog, some new blogger friend from our regular reader contacted us and said that how to search keywords from google or google planner , that too absolutely free of cost without any cost, Because right now Google is the only search engine that can send traffic to our blog.

Because 70 to 80% of visitors now use Google search engine. So we said you use Google Keyword Planner, adwords keyword planner is a very popular adwords tool, it is used by all success bloggers, then our new blogger friend said that google adwords keyword planner is not free, it costs money to search keywords. .

That’s when we felt that when we had created a new blog and when we started searching keywords for ourselves with the google adwords keyword tool, then we also felt that Google Keyword Planner is really a paid tool.

So we also started doing some research on it and our hard work paid off, since then we also select keywords for our blog using adwords keyword tool for free. And by using them inside the blog post, the post is made seo friendly.

How to use Google Keyword Planner.

With the help of Google Keyword Planner tool, any beginner can easily find the best keywords for their blog page. Whatever users search through their search query, all those searches are stored in the Google datebase.

This Google Keyword Planner gives keywords out of the same database. No matter what anyone says that this tool is good only for adword, but everyone seems to get its benefit.

With the help of Google’s Keyword Planner, complete information about monthly searches, but also ad cpc, and bid, is available. Now let’s see how to make free Google Keyword Planner Tool?

Step 1.

    1. First of all , click on the link of Google Keyword Planner and open it.
    2. Create a new account by clicking on Create an account (Keep in mind that only new account is created only then it works)


Step 2.

Now in the second step click on Skip-the-guided-setup.

Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare

Step 3.

Click on Create account for new Google account.Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare

Step 4.

  • Fill the complete form of Create a new Google Account.
  • Name, Password, Address, Birth date, और mobile number आदि.
  • To proceed further by clicking on Next.

Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare

Step 5.

    1. Click on Next Step and click on I Agree button to Google’s Privacy and Terms.Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare
    2. Congratulation Now your Google Keyword Planner account has been created
    3. Sign in when a new Google account is created.
How to Use Free Google Keyword Planner.

Through the above method, your free keyword research tool has become the account of Google Planner, but now also know how to do keyword research for free through google keyword planner.

> Click on Tools.

Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare

> Search For New Keywords using a Phrase website and category  

> Enter one or more of the following: Enter keywords in Your product or service and proceed by clicking on Get Ideas.

Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare
Google Keyword Planner Tool


After clicking on Get Ideas, you will get Avg. Monthly searches and competition will show you.

Out of which you can get good Low Competition keywords and Avg. By selecting monthly searches and copying them one by one in Notepad or in the post, now you have learned from this post how to do keyword research, now the question arising in your mind is Google Keyword Planner Free use Kaise Kare The answer will be found from this post. .

Why is the best Google Keyword Planner tool.

Friends, Google Keyword Planner Free Keyword Research Kaise Kare, given above, read the entire post carefully, only after that you do keyword research, if you are a new blogger then this post can prove to be very beneficial for you. Because in this post, information about how you can use the google keyword tool has been given in detail.

If you want information about such blogging, education, then subscribe to the blog immediately and keep visiting our blog to increase your knowledge. To publish Guest Post or Guest Article on our blog , read the page of Guest Post.

Do not forget to subscribe to the blog to get the updates of new posts or posts of our blog and all the bloggers should know about the keywords from this post so that they can select the best keywords for their blog.

If the keyword of the blog post is good, then do not leave it just by writing it. Because to come on the first page of Google, first optimize well in the blog post written by you.

If you do this then only you will be able to rank that post in google first page. All the remaining keyword search tools are also good in themselves, but because of being paid, free Google Keyword Planner is the best because it has to store real searches in its database which are best for search queries.

With very easy steps like this, you can do free keyword search for free without any charge from Google Keyword Planner Tool . If you liked the information of this post given above Google Keyword Planner Tool Kaise Use Kare  , then share this post in maximum social media.