What is Veda Science? Which Veda talks about science?

“Veda is the best science” should be obeyed because “Veda is the creation of science”. Sadly, modern science does not accept this contribution. The main reason is that we ourselves. Because we have never publicized scientific contributions to our scientific literature. We have covered our scriptures with red cloth, flowers. We never tried to know what theories were hidden in those texts.

Whether or not we know because we are hypocritical in the name of religion. But know today about the discoveries that have been made by the tireless efforts of those sages who are being run in the name of others in modern science.

In various ancient civilizations and religious beliefs it has been said or said that the earth is completely fixed or immobile, and various famous ancient philosophers, astronomers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. have been seen who have said that the earth is fixed and the sun revolves around it.

Ptolemy believed the doctrine of the Theory of Geocentrism is that the earth is fixed, and all the planets, including the sun, are rotating around the earth. This doctrine persisted as a science until the sixteenth century. At one time Copernicus proved that the earth is not stationary, but the earth and other planets are rotating around the sun, but when the motion of the earth is proved, science begins to say that the sun is completely stationary, and the earth and other planets are rotating around the sun.

However, after a long time, modern science has shown that there is no such thing in the universe that is completely immobilized, that is to say, that the creation of the material is dynamic. There is also a precise explanation of the speed of the earth in the Holy Vedas.

We all know this in the modern age, the era of science. We know this and all that we know about the creation and science of the world through science. But do we know that science was a science before and after it?

And that is the original and main scripture of the traditional religion, the sacred Veda, which is made for the entire creation of the earth for all human beings.

Vedic Bodhisattva Sage

(Aryabhatta (476 BC) – Mathematics and Astronomy).

(Sculptor (1114 to 1183 BC)) – The great scholar in algebra (algebra).

(Kanad (600 BC) – the founder of nuclear theory).

(Nagarjuna (100 BC) – Chemical Science).

(Chark (600 BC) – Medical Sciences).

(Sushrut (600 BC) – Surgical Reconstructionist (the first plastic surgeon).

(Barah Mihir (499To 587 BCE) – famous astrologer and astrologer).

(Patanjali (200 BC)) – Yoga scholar (yoga in English).

(Vortex (800 BC)) – A wise scientist of aerobics (aeronautical science).

(Kapil (3000 BC)) – The great scholar of cosmology (cosmology in English).